5 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Website's Homepage

The majority of my work is helping small businesses clean up their already existing websites. I have found in most cases all the content you need is on your pages where you need assistance is in how to display it to bring in visitors and keep them engaged on your homepage. Below are 5 tips to help you improve your homepage for visitor retention.

1. Photography

It takes just 10 second to form a first impression. The image on the top of your homepage will make your viewers decide not only if they will keep browsing your website. Try to avoid stock photos and use real, authentic photos of your business that best represents you and your target audience. Statistics tell us images increase information retention by up to 65%. It's also important to note here that you want high quality photos.

2. Fonts & Colors

Nothing gives away an amateur site faster than how fonts and colors are used. Your site should use a total of two fonts and they should contrast each other. Make sure you use fonts that are easy to read. Two great places to view fonts and choose two that work well together is www.fontpair.com and www.fontjoy.com. If you have a brand, start with the colors in the logo for your color palette. Use your primary color in your logo along with black and white. A good rule is a maximum of 3 colors. Make sure your colors all pair well together. You can visit www.colors.com for color combination ideas.

3. White Space

Designers use white space around text and pictures to give your eyes room to process all the information it is seeing. Let your page breathe. Less is more, trust me. Visitors don't really read everything on your page. So stay away from too much content, keep it simple and get to the point.

4. Headline

A visitor takes only 50 milliseconds to form an opinion about your site. People read headlines and skim through text. Focus on your visitors, welcome them, give them basic information and then give them the next step. Don't make them do all the work show them where to go next. Offer buttons for more information about your services or products. Don't leave them guessing or they will leave your page and move on to another business.

5. Who Are You?

The most common thing I find on websites is that you forget to tell them how to contact you. How can they use your services or get more information if there is no contact information? A great place to put this information is in the footer of every page.

If you can tackle these things you will be on your way to a homepage that will attract and retain visitors.

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