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At Designed by Kelly we love to give back and make a difference!

This month I teamed up with Coming Out Ministries based in St. Louis, MO to do just that. Coming Out Ministries mission is to impact the lives of people and families through educational opportunities, spiritual development, social functions and family outings changing people from the inside out. So in this team up I'm offering students ages 14-18 an online course on How to Start and Market a Mock Business. Over a period of six online zoom classes they’ll learn how to name, brand, and maintain their mock business by creating basic marketing materials and a basic website using Canva software. We had our fist class last week with over ten in attendance!

My goal is to reach the young generation of thinkers and entrepreneurs and bridge that gap between traditional textbook learning and practical hands-on learning!

Doing this will help prepare them for success in the future and in life. I believe in teaching our children to dream and when they do, to dream big. No matter their background or resources they too should know they can achieve their goals when given some knowledge and direction.

“Start young” is something said to all of us, but the problem with youth, is the lack of knowledge being provided and affordable to everyone. We learn as we grow, so starting something big like a business is rough for the younger generations. This is where I hope this program helps the most, giving these kids guidance and support. The whole point in this program is to help them get their foot in the door with guidance from those who have already kicked it open. One of the best ways for young people to get their foot in the door is to find a buddy already inside!

“Find at least one adult who is experienced in traditional business (finance, investing, etc.) to serve as a mentor,” was said by Davina Farahi, founder of Shaya.

We don’t always think that our dreams can come true, but anything is possible with enough hard work. If you need this type of class in your area let us know. We can see if our program is a fit for you and get you started! When in doubt, a little extra knowledge never hurt anybody!

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