Hey Siri! "Google my business"

Did you know that April 9th was Happy National Name Yourself Day? It is is the holiday for giving yourself your main descriptor, your name. It is a day to create and present yourself to the world and say, “This is me!” On this day I can think of no better way to name your business, then by giving its name the proper profile it deserves on Google. This week we at Designed by Kelly are releasing a free downloadable infographic on a no-cost service called Google my business.

Google My Business is a free Google tool that allows you to promote and control your business profile and business website on Google Search. This tool is incredibly important to your website’s online appearance and presence!

What Google My Business does is act as a sort of modern day yellow pages, keeping your business up to date and relevant. In an article by ThriveHive.com discussing the importance of a GMB account, it states, “To better demonstrate just how important this is from a business perspective, brands that show up on Google’s local 3-pack get a whopping 700% boost in clicks over brands that don’t.” 700% boost to your business opportunity is one you don’t want to miss, so allow us to guide you through this crucial step to a better online business!

In our free infographic below we guide you through the process of setting up your account, claiming your business, and getting verified. After all of the verification is done, the fun can begin. This tool is a way to organize and present your business to the online world for what it is, through your own customization. You can use this tool to pick categories/services that your business does best, increasing the online reach of your website in its niche!

This tool is not just for businesses its also important for churches and other non-profits.

In Google My Business you can do important personalization to your businesses google page, like

adding your own images. This is especially important for the image of your business, as you want to control what the world sees of you, not the grainy up-angled shots google earth provides! Updating your images is so important to your business as it shows the growth and changes your business goes though! It is important to keep your image updated as you grow, to show off your best you.

One important aspect of this tool is the ability to set up contact with your customers. This allows for an easy bridge between you and them, not shadowed out by incorrect contact information or outdated details! This contact also allows for an easy passage of information, such as customer reviews, and offers. With this tool you have the ability to read and reply to customer reviews which is an especially important practice in business. Doing this is proving that you care about your business, and the services you provide.

Google My Businesses ability to add offers is one that helps to make it such a great tool! Using this option lets your visitors know about special deals and discounts they can receive for your business. This is such a strong tool in business because firstly, who can resist a good deal? Secondly this feature provides insight into your offers, showing you how well your offer is performing, and how many people it attracts.

Altogether the most important thing about your GMB page is keeping it up to date! Your

posts expire so you have to keep adding to your page to keep it in the game. This is a fantastic way to showcase the growth of your business through products/services and photos/advertisements new to your business! Using these tools are sure to give your business and name the recognition it needs and deserves.

So pick your name, pick up our free guide below, and get ready to conquer the online world of Google My Business!

Look through our free step by step infographic below on how to google your business or update your current listing. You can download the infographic here and share it with others.

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