Let’s Get Social: Talking About Social Media

Everyone has some form of social media. It can be something like Facebook to keep in touch with friends or promote a business/group, or Instagram as a quick and easy way to show off snapshots of their life.

Social media is very prevalent in our society today, so to stay up to date, it is important for you and your business to have a social media presence. One great thing about social media in business is the reach. Online ads and media will always reach farther then word of mouth or local ads, that’s just the nature of the web. Using social media for your business gives you both extended reach and brand awareness.

What is brand awareness you may ask? Brand awareness is the extent to which consumers are familiar with the distinctive qualities or image of a particular brand of goods or services. Marketing with social media makes it easy to spread the word about your brand/products/services.

The use of social media in our businesses allows for us to reap fantastic benefits:

What are some of the most important benefits of using social media in business?

With billions of people using social media across the world every day, putting your business where the customers are makes the most sense. There are currently over 1 billion active Instagram users every month and around 81% of those users use social media to research products and services. This is why using social media can give your business better brand awareness! The increased reach across multiple platforms is a gateway for your business to expand and reach more potential customers. There’s no down-side!

People like brands that connect with customers on a human level. Social media provides a platform to give your business a voice and to easily connect with your customers. It is much more attractive for a business to show-off familiar sides and be open and available to all people. Rather then having to traverse a website or search through reviews and photos, potential customers can just access social media to get a feel for both your business, and your brands personality.

A short but concise snapshot of your business is much better for pulling in customers then google images and reviews. People that like your content will eventually go on to visit your website, leading to increased website traffic, possibly turning into leads.

The more often you put yourself in front of potential customers, the more room there is for growth!

Maintaining a good reputation, especially nowadays, is essential to success. With social media it is much easier to maintain a connection with your customers. This connection can easily increase your reputation and your customer pool, as it shows how much you care about your business. Social media gives you a quick and easy way to manage expectations and to solve customer issues while thanking loyal and happy customers for working with you.

Social media presence as a whole is an important part of any professional venture. This makes you seem more down to earth, familiar, and most importantly trusted. This is an important feature to your business that is easy on the upkeep and almost fun in a way! Social media boosts both your company and your creativity, it’s a win-win!

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