Storytelling Part 2

Why storytelling is important on your website.

It’s a topic we began last month, and are continuing this month, storytelling. Let's talk about how it's useful in web design.

There are so many pros to storytelling, and so much detail and emotion it adds to your website. Storytelling gives your website life and character, making it more personal to both you your customers. Storytelling within your brand gives it heart and soul, making it more than just a webpage or service; Giving your business a story makes it something notable, and something to remember. “Most importantly, people will remember your story, and with that, they’ll remember the message of your post or even your brand.” (

Telling your story through your website helps you to stand out from the crowd! We help small business and non-profits tell their individual stories. Not only do we do this, we also bring in the right kind of traffic by building up a strong brand that your customers will grow to know and trust, coming back again and again!

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We make small businesses and nonprofits stand out in the crowd by creatively and visually telling their story.  We don't just bring you more traffic we bring you the right traffic by building a strong brand that your customers will trust and come back to over again.  


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