The Top 5 Important Pieces of Information that should be on your website homepage

This month's freebie is a downloadable road map to, "The Top 5 Important Pieces of Information that should be on your Website Homepage." This downloadable resource is a fantastic start to formatting and improving your website to be both more efficient as well as eye catching to potential customers.

Your websites homepage is the first contact you make with your customers, so it must be eye catching and memorable. I like to think of it

this way, “Relevance, engagement and trust can be built by dynamic website

personalization.” (ultimez.over-blog) A website should both function and tell a

story, a story of both you and your company.

At Designed by Kelly we are open and welcoming, telling our story from start to finish. If you need some help telling your story through your webpage, we are great at getting your website the refresh it needs to flourish

Download the PDF here.

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