We are two today!!

Today at Designed by Kelly we have hit a major milestone, we have turned two!

In the past two years we have made leaps and strides doing what we love and have grown! We have designed over thirty websites, twelve of those for small businesses and nineteen for non-profits. We have had the privilege of working with over fifty different clients of various backgrounds. We worked with small businesses including a bakery, bloggers, a life coach, a locksmith, a mineral, rock, and crystal specialist, a photographer, a project manager, a singer/songwriter, a RV travel coach, a technology group, a young adult author and more! We also had the joy of working with several non profits including eight churches, a community ministry, a homeschool sports group, an outreach center, a prison chapel, and a volunteer builder!

In these two years I have grown my staff from just me, to five part-time employees. I am joined by my oldest daughter Cara Jones, our Social Media Manager and Designer, my father, Joel Fischer, our local Photographer and Joe Bachert, my Website Design Assistant. Finally our newest addition and a family friend, Sarah Ouellette, our Copywriter.

In the past year we have implemented many new services including express website design and special services for church planters and also started teaching online classes to high school students on how to launch a mock business! Now we are looking at adding a few more new services in the coming year with Pinterest social media marketing, helping small businesses set-up Google My Business pages, and offering email marketing! In adding all of these new services we are hoping to help our clients in everyway we can, but please let us know if there’s anything you would like to see! We always like to look into new ventures for the betterment of both us and our clients.

It has been an honor and a pleasure to be a part of each and every one of your business’s and helping you grow. As much as you have learned from us, know we have also learned from you! One of the greatest gifts we’ve been given is referrals to your friends and family. In celebration of our two year anniversary, we only ask for two things.

First, we would love it if you went on our Facebook and our Google My Business page and left us a review. We would love to know the difference we have made for you and your business and be able to share it with others!

Second, please use this graphic and send it to friends, family, and colleagues. With this graphic, if anyone signs up for any of our services in the next ninety days, using the code DBKY2, also found on the graphic, they will receive 10% off of their first service with us. Additionally you will receive 5% off your next service or monthly service fee is you have one!

To wrap up I just want to say thank you so very much to all of you! Designed by Kelly would be nothing without our wonderful clients. You give us new ideas and challenges every day and help make us into a better business! We truly learn just as much from you as you do us. We hope to continue working with all of you and see even more growth. To another two years!

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