Your Web Design Branding

Web design is a long and tedious process, but the rewards for taking it step by step can be boundless! ⠀


Before you begin the website design process, you should start by thinking about branding. ⠀

  • ⁠Who are you as a business?⁠⠀

  • What makes you unique and how do you stand out from other similar businesses?⁠⠀

  • Why should clients choose you?⁠⠀


Most people think branding is just having a logo designed and BAM! Branding done. However... branding goes much further than that. It's not just your logo, it's what people think of your business every single time they interact with. Branding is the personality of your business.

An integral part of the branding process is creating a mood board. A mood board is a collection of visual assets the represent your businesses brand. It can hold photos, colors, typography, quotes, patterns, shapes or anything else that sums up the personality of your business. Before you ever start working on your logo or website design, you should know the visual direction of your brand. The colors, fonts and overall feel for your logo and branding will come from your mood board.


Creating a mood board can be done in multiple places. You could pull out an actual board and print things out, cut out things from magazines, and write directly onto it! However I personally thing the easiest way to get started is to use Canva. You can find free to use templates on their website, or other people offer free or paid for versions of templates to use in Canva on their websites! Once you have your template picked out and ready to go, you just drag and drop in your images, pick your fonts and colors, and add in any other things you may want!

Don't underestimate the power of color in your brand. Did you know colors have meanings and change the way people perceive your website and brand? Colors have a powerful effect on our emotions and play a major role in how we behave as consumers. Choose colors wisely!

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