We love our clients, the knowledge and ideas you give to us, and most importantly, your trust. We want to especially thank you for trusting us with your business marketing. There is no greater compliment then when you trust us with not only your business, but someone else’s. When you refer us to others it is truly the greatest compliment we could receive. Referrals is what we here at Designed by Kelly run on! To show just how much we value your referrals, we’ve started our new referral program.


To participate in our referral program you can ask your referrals to fill out the contact us form on our website. Have them simply put your name or business name in the referral section of the form, and it’s all set! There is no cap on how many people you can refer or how many referral fees you can collect monthly.

For every referral you send our way you will get 10% commission on their service/project when your referral signs on and pays for their first service with Designed by Kelly. This is a one time referral payment per person. You will get your referral payment within 7 days of the referral paying via PayPal.

For example, you refer me a web design client.  Let's say they sign up for a $1500 package.  When they complete paying for their site you get $150!  

Referral FAQs

Do I have to be a current client?

No! You don’t have to be a current client as our referral program is open to anyone.

When and how do I get paid?

You will get paid within 7 days of your referral paying for their service/project. All payments are made via PayPal. In order to be paid you must provide us with your PayPal email.

How many referrals can I send you?

There is actually no limit on your referrals. You can send us as many as you like!

What counts as a referral?

Anyone that comes to us via email, website form, or phone call who gives us your name/business name as a referral and pays for a service.

How do I get started?

We have a couple options you can choose from! You can fill out the form below and let me know if they would like to be contacted or you can have them fill out the online contact us form. They can also send us a direct email.


I have a referral for you

Thank you for the referral!