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If you are searching for a more DIY approach to your social media then our personalized and branded Canva social media templates are for you!  We don't just sell generic editable Canva templates, ours are different because you are not purchasing pre-created templates I create them just for you as you request them.  This means they are designed with your brand, your colors, fonts, website theme with your target audience always in mind.  Your graphics will be different from everyone else's we create.  No two are alike! You can download a FREE Canva account online and edit these graphics yourself for any event, sale, promotion, quote, or any type of post that you need for your social media channels.  It's that easy!  And if you are unfamiliar with Canva I offer a free Canva 101 class to get you started!


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"...ideas that push our product beyond what what it would have been if we had designed it ourselves.."

Kelly would come to us with ideas that will help push our product beyond what it would have been if we had designed it ourselves. More than just design, Kelly brought integrity and good communication to the table. We have always enjoyed Kelly as a partner in our business.


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meet cara

Hey there!

My name is Cara Jones, and I'm the social media manager/social media template designer over at Designed by Kelly. I work mostly with Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, looking to build and grow your audience.


Business social medias are mainly used to connect with your audience, rather than sell to them. My biggest goal is to use social media to help you grow your audience and build relationships, helping your business gain a good reputation and attract potential clients to your website or place of business!

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