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3 Actionable Tips to Convert Your Social Media Followers Into Customers

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As a small business owner or entrepreneur, having an online presence is more often than not our lifeline in business.

We can spend hours and sometimes even days carefully creating and curating content for our followers to cultivate a following.

Each follower you gain is an opportunity to become a new client or customer. But how do we convert them from lurking to taking action?

Great question! Let's talk about my top 3 actionable tips to convert your social media followers into customers to grow your business!


1 | Create and Market an Enticing Freebie

The easiest way to get your followers hooked is to provide them with something tangible, actionable, and most of all - free. Getting a follower to buy one of your paid offers right off the bat is an incredibly challenging feat. Instead of trying to sell, encourage them to grab your enticing free offer to capture their email and other key information.

Once you have their name and email, you can build a connection with them through an email campaign. Start off by sending them the freebie they signed up for, and follow up every few days with more valuable information to continue to show you care about their success.

There are a TON of freebie ideas out there you can spin into your own unique offer. For example, you could offer something like a free checklist for your niche, a free e-book detailing important information in your niche, or anything else that provides value to your followers!

Tip: Try searching Pinterest for freebie ideas in your niche and put your own spin on what's currently popular.

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2 | Host a Free Online Masterclass

Research shows that over 83% of US marketers find webinars effective and that the average webinar generates between 500-1,000 leads. Whether you start with a free or paid webinar, you're collecting information (just like with your freebies!) to be able to reach back out to the attendees. Additionally, you get plenty of opportunities to mention your services during the class!

Then, you can offer what's called an exclusive buy-in at the end of your class. Your goal is to create a sense of urgency for those that attended. Let them know the offer only lasts for a period of time and is only available to those that attended. This prompts them to act and can drive sales!

Tip: You can repurpose your content across all your platforms after you've launched your webinar. Use pieces for blog content, social media content, and email content, and then drive those followers back toward your webinar!

3 | Host Contests and Giveaways

As we all know, everyone loves free goodies. Thankfully for us, this means that giveaways never go out of style! You can use this to promote your brand in multiple ways, generating more quality leads, you want someone that will follow up!

If you run your contest/giveaway on social media, you can ask people to enter by commenting on your posts (driving engagement), having them tag a friend in the comments (expanding your network), or sending you a direct message (building a relationship).

If you run your contest/giveaway on your website, you can have people subscribe to your mailing list, send you an email, comment on a blog post, or anything else you can think of. This captures their information for you to begin building a relationship with them!

Tip: You can reach out to the people that don't win your contest with a discount or coupon for one of your paid offers, or send them a freebie you made just for those that joined in the giveaway to continue engaging with them and showing that you care.


That's it! Now you have the basic tools you need to succeed in our digital landscape. Start designing your converting tools today!

Remember, turning followers into customers can be a long process, so try your best not to get discouraged if it takes time to build up your social empire! Want more social media tips and tricks? Click here to check out our other blog posts.

Need help with your social media presence? We’ve got you covered. Book a FREE 30-minute discovery session with us today to see how we can help you jumpstart your online presence today!


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