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Reviving the Spark: 5 Ways to Fall in Love with Your Website Again

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When you first launch your website, it is an exciting journey filled with so much joy.

It's the start of something new with unlimited opportunities for development and growth. For a lot of people, it's their first big launch and there is nothing that compares to that feeling!

However, like all good things, that feeling, unfortunately, comes to an end over time.

It's common to feel like you're out scaling your website. Maybe you've pivoted the direction you were once going in and your services have changed. Maybe your brand identity has shifted since your website launch. Or maybe you just aren't in love with the style of your site like you once were. It happens to all of us.

Whatever the reason may be, fortunately, there are ways to help you revive that spark you once had and build your website back up to one of your dreams! Let's dig in and find out how!

1 | Create New and Engaging Content

As easy as it would be sometimes, a website isn't a one size fits all ordeal. The beauty of a website is that it can grow and mature with you! The easiest way to scale your site with you is to frequently create new content that your audience wants to engage with.

Content can be anything from new blog posts, to a new lead magnet, or even creating a new and refreshed services page to show off all of your new packages. The key is to create content that speaks to YOU. If you aren't passionate about what you're doing, why should your audience be?

2 | Give Your Website Personality

It's easy to fall into what I like to call the "niche trap." It's easy to look at a competitor's website and think "Wow! People love this and they're getting a ton of business, I want to make my website similar to theirs." While there isn't anything wrong with inspiration, it's easy to lose track of your personality and style. If the design or copy of your website doesn't feel like you or your brand, chances are you aren't going to love it anymore.

Sometimes you've also just outgrown the style you started with, and that's okay too! Growing and evolving is a major part of running a small business. The number of times we've tweaked, updated, and flat-out changed our website and social media channels is definitely up there. No shame in that! But that does mean it may be time to put the personality back into your website.

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3 | Give Your Website a Facelift

If your website isn't speaking to you anymore, the easiest thing you can do is give it a facelift! You don't have to completely redesign your site to bring it back to life (unless you want to!). Changing around important things like images, copy, and additional content can work wonders for how you feel about your site.

4 | Simplify Your Website

Sometimes when you first sit down and plan out your new website, it's easy to get carried away. You want to check every single box and make sure you have all the information out there to attract every single potential client.

The truth is, people love simple and easy. The more options, pages, and information that you have, the more likely your audience is to get overwhelmed and leave. If your site has too many pages and options, it may be time to sit down and simplify it.

The best way to start is by taking a look at your analytics. What pages get views and which ones don't? Delete or draft the pages that aren't getting used, and keep or update the ones that are! The most important thing is to make sure your visitors can find exactly what they're looking for in the most minimal amount of time possible.

5 | Audit Your Website Regularly

The best thing you can do for your site is treat it like a real relationship. Nurture it, give it attention and care, and watch it grow with you! This means you should check on it regularly to make sure it's serving the purpose you need it to.

You'll want to do things like checking for broken links, updating old and outdated content, and refreshing pictures with up-to-date ones. The more love and care you give it, the more you'll get out of it in return!

A splash layout of the pages of Designed by Kelly's Ultimate Website Audit Checklist.

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It's easy for a website to begin to feel more like a chore than your passion project, but with the right tools and a little bit of TLC, you can have a website that both you and your visitors fall in love with all over again.

Do you need help creating a website you can fall in love with? Schedule a 100% free discovery session with us to see how we can help you build the brand of your dreams today. After all, you deserve a breathtaking website. Let’s make it happen!


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